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I hide in the closet and listen

to the ghosts come out...

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Bio Claims to be not your average girl. Born and raised in Northern California, she has seen snow only three times in her life and thinks of the winter months fondly full of rain and fog. Now, she is in her twenties, figuring out what to do with the rest of her life. It's been a rough road for her, but she has many wonderful and caring friends and family that has helped through the hard times and has been with her to see the beautiful parts as well as the dark ones. Commonly, you'll find her either with a camera in front of her eye or down by that school doing parkour or running around getting up to shenanigans or simply at home, reading a book and sighing over Mr. Darcy yet again.
Likes Photography, music, (though she is not one of those people that claims to like all kinds of music, in fact there is some that she detests vehemently), running, dancing, singing, interesting conversations with people she's just met, kittens, cooking, gothic style/culture, history, traveling and parkour
Dislikes People with no sense of humor, canned tuna, a messy kitchen, lack of inspiration, dishonest people, rudeness without cause, prejudice, poorly trained animals, any kind of tee-shirt for girls that is printed with "Princess" or "It's All About Me", etc.
A word on LJ friends I decided a long time ago to keep my journal friends-locked because of drama that occurred when I didn't. That time is long since gone, but, i still keep it friends-locked to prevent the general public from delving into my life. If you have found this journal and if anything has struck you about my profile, I love making new friends. Feel free to add me and comment on my friends-only post.
Remember... "I try to treat the hard times not as the enemy, but as a worthy opponent. So the worse things get, the stronger I know I'm capable of being"

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"I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity"

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